Baby Giggles After Discovering Chocolate For The First Time

Published May 17, 2017 41,100 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsA video has emerged of a baby experiencing its first taste of chocolate and discovering the sweet tooth hormone. Watch the precious reaction of this adorable baby upon trying a new food! Watch as this sweet baby experiences the taste of chocolate for the first time and boy does she love it! It looks like this little lady has found her new favorite food! Good luck getting her to eat dinner after this sweet treat!

Watching how delighted this baby is after trying chocolate for the first time is pure joy.
Footage shows mom offering her daughter a spoonful of chocolate and her reaction will give you all the happy feels. We can feel the deliciousness of this treat just by looking at her face expression. It is priceless and soooo yummy!

A moment later, this little lady is basically overwhelmed by how amazing life just became. “Why didn’t I know about this marvellous treat until now?” She's flapping her hands all over, and smiling as wide as her face will allow, and basically expressing her bliss through all means available to her. Then, she realizes, there's more where that came from. And you'd better believe she's ready. She indulges herself to the taste of fine chocolate and life becomes magical!

Each bite she takes induces grins, and even laughter. It's as if this beyond-cute baby can't believe how great the taste of chocolate can actually be. We have to admit that we would enjoy watching this sweetie eating chocolate all day and not get bored! Her pure excitement is contagious. We would probably watch her eat about a thousand more bites and still grin with delight!