Dog Turns On The Outside Tap To Cool Off

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Published: May 16, 2017

Dogs never cease to amaze as they always find new ways to entertain their owners and the wider audience. There are tons of videos with dogs showing their unique abilities to pull some tricks that we could never imagine. And they are successfully doing these tricks. Sometimes, it is dogs chasing their own shadow, other times it is dogs trying to catch fireflies. Regardless of their mission, we still love them equally. They light up the days when we feel blue and they add a touch of excitement to the days we find ourselves stuck in the rut of the routines in our life.

The star in this video is a black labrador called Dara and she has only one puzzle to solve - that is how to turn on the tap so that heavy flow of water starts pouring out. It is obviously summertime and a hot one, and nothing feels better than to feel cold drops of water on your body. Ok, they are not drops but a torrential rain. So, Dara is resolved to figure out how to turn up the volume of tap water and have some fun in the sun. When you have limitless quantities of water during summer days, you may feel relieved. We know that Labradors are one of the smartest dogs on the planet, but this one seems well-educated. The first time Dara approaches the tap, she is not happy with just a few drops. Hot summer days demand gallons of water, so Dara will do something about it. Though she looks like she is going to give up, this determined dog gets back to the tap and with her mouth she finds a way to turn up the water flow.

Once Dara succeeds, it’s time for water follies. She doesn’t waste her time, but instead she gets under that blissful tap to cool off her body. She doesn’t know what to do first out of excitement - to bite the water or to chill out. Her solution is a bit of both things. Dara is beyond happy as she turns and twists and shakes under the surge of water, she has lost sense of time and space while she enjoys the benefits of this colorless substance. However, her gargantuan appetite for more water can’t be suppressed, so she goes to the tap one more time and increase the water-flow even more.

Now, we can say that Dara is really taking a shower while splashing water around and she feels great and relaxed because she can finally lower the temperature on her body. And, for the next minute, Dara spins around joyfully soaking herself with fresh water as the thermometer hits high. Most dogs shy away from taking a shower but this one loves them so much she has even learned to turn the tap on in order to have a wash. When it’s hot, it’s hot, so you find a way to resfresh yourself, so it is rightful to say that Dara, as shrewd as she is, has found the perfect way not to melt with the pavement. Who can stand heat? Some owners walk their pets under the burning sun and have no idea how uncomfortable that can be. Dara's right, she deserves to cool down and have fun! What a smart dog.

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