Flirting Polar Bear

JohnDownerProductionsPublished: May 16, 2017Updated: May 17, 2017614 views
Published: May 16, 2017Updated: May 17, 2017

You might think that there is some anthropomorphism here and you will not be mistaken! Looks like polar bears do more than just hunt walruses and frolik in the snow!

A female polar bear has her eyes set on a male and she will do anything to become his mate.
She will even go head over heels for him - literally! The mating game may looks silly, but it eventually bears fruit.

It is so cute to see two of the world’s largest terrestrial carnivores seal their love with a kiss. Two months later, the female will bring up to two bear cubs into her icy den and they will leave the den somewhere between March and April.

Clip from our program Polar Bear - Spy on the Ice

Narrated by David Tennant

Directed by John Downer

Music by Will Gregory

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