The Six Forgotten Giants - Recycle Sculpture Treasure Hunt

Published May 16, 2017 16,145 Views

Rumble Danish artist Thomas Dambo created "The Forgotten Giants", 6 wooden sculptures in the outskirts of Copenhagen, that he refers to as an “open air sculpture treasure hunt.”
Made out of recycled wooden pallets, fences and other odd sources with the help of volunteers, these whimsical pieces of art are meant to draw people out into nature and are encouraged to interact with them. Unlike regular sculptures, scattered around populated areas, you are free to touch, climb, even go into the mouth of one of them, called "sleeping louis". Another one, named "little tilde" has over 20 birdhouses in it's belly, already inhabited.
The artist has said that each of the giants is “in places where you normally wouldn't go, but still in places which you can reach with public transportation or preferably on your bicycle,".

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