Check Out This Adorable Rendition Of Tale As Old As Time

ClaireAndTheCrosbysPublished: May 16, 2017189 views
Published: May 16, 2017

If there is one thing more mesmerizing than the Disney animated movies, it definitely is their music score. The notes take us to another magical realm where royalty and dragons still exist, where wizards and witches battle to overthrow good and evil and the main protagonists always get their happily ever after. Needless to say, half of the magic in the cartoons comes from the music, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Claire Ryann (Just Turned 4 Years Old) covers The Beauty and the Beast song Tale as Old as Time. With the new Beauty and the Beast official trailer launching last week, we thought it was a good time to release our cover of Beauty and the Beast with Claire as Mrs. Potts, Carson as Chip, and Mom and Dad as Belle and Beast.

The video was filmed at the historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA. We want to extend a special thanks to The Davenport Hotel, they could not have been more generous and accommodating while using their beautiful ballrooms to film this.

Also a special thanks to Modo Studio, (, Filming), Beyond the Darkroom Photography (Thumbnail, and more epic photographs coming!,, Love Baby J Couture (Claire’s Amazing Mrs. Potts Dress,, Megan Mortensen (makeup and hair), Dena Niccolls & Terri Niccolls (lots of help on filming day!)

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Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then some body bends

Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Beauty and the beast

Ever just the same
Ever a surprise
Ever as before
Ever just as sure
As the sun will rise

Tale as old as time
Tune as old as song
Bitter sweet and strange
Finding you can change
Learning you were wrong
Certain as the sun
Rising in the east

Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the beast

Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the beast

Off to the cupboard with you chip it's past your bed time

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