Labrador Retriever demands belly scratches from human

Published May 16, 2017 166,034 Views $25.93 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIf you ask any family that owns a pet dog, they will tell you that the actual head of the family is - you guessed it - their pet pooch. You might think that it's you, but think about it: you feed them when they ask, pet them when they demand it, you beg for forgiveness when they are mad at you for not answering their demands... Makes perfect sense!
Imagine how nice it might be to have someone who can scratch your tummy whenever you want? That's exactly what this dog has figured out!
She knows that all she has to do is lay beside her human's bed and bark. Down comes the hand that provides those oh-so-delicious scratches that bring her to zen. And if the hand goes away? Just bark again! If that doesn't work - squeal and growl like you're about to bite it off and down comes that hand. It's the perfect recipe.
It seems that this gorgeous black pooch has it all figured out. :)

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