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Teacher Has No Idea Her Students Are About To Surprise Her During Her Wedding Ceremony

This Musical Theater teacher didn't know that her students had secretly rehearsed a song and were hiding in the church during her ceremony, planning to give her a wonderful surprise!

Teachers are special kinds of people, they have a lot of patience and love. Many teachers come to to love their students like a family. Miss Liz teaches Dance and Musical Theater and absolutely adores her students. Knowing this, her fiancé, Ollie, decided to plan a special surprise for his bride.

In this clip, shot just before the newlyweds were about to say their vows, Liz and Ollie are happily standing at the altar, when a commotion in the back of the church draws the eyes of the guests. Liz doesn’t notice, until Ollie points behind her. The second she turns, Liz bursts into tears.

Her unsuspecting reaction when she sees her <a href="https://rumble.com/v31t14-students-flashmob-a-wedding-ceremony.html" target="_blank">music students</a> on the church balcony during her wedding ceremony is amazing! Jeren from Jaykays Dance Company planned the surprise along with Ollie.

They’re singing the love song “A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri, and the song has never sounded better than it does in that moment in their sweet little voices.

The children were amazing at keeping the surprise a secret!

Congratulations on your wedding Liz and Ollie.

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