UFO hoaxer Section 51 (2.0) exposed

lionsgroundPublished: May 15, 20173 views
Published: May 15, 2017

Section 51 is a channel that publishes UFO videos. Research revealed that this is about a hoaxer, someone who publishes deliberately false information or disinformation. 💢💢 Join my Patreon page here http://patreon.com/lionsground if you want to support my work and get a reward and gain access to exclusive content💢💢

Q: A UFO channel mentioned you in an article. Can you confirm the story is correct?
A: "The text is mainly correct but no idea what those photographs are. I didn't take them and they don't relate to the night at all. Also in the original article there was a lot of mention of the aurora as just after I saw the rocket there was a large geomagnetic storm. So the text is partly right and the photographs/video are a nonsense," says Oliver Wright.

Q: You're not part of this complot?
A: "No not at all. When i clicked the video got some dodgy pop ups on my mac. So I don't think it's a very legit site," says Oliver Wright

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Warning entering the official website of SECTION 51 is at your own risk. The website tries to infect your computer with malware.


Original video by Gung Ho Vids

Hoax UFO video first discovered on UFO-PARANORMAL OPENLINE

SECTION 51 2.0

UFO over the mountains of SWEDEN

Original story can be found here https://goo.gl/h5C9dW by Oliver Wright https://goo.gl/BfPchC

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