GTA 5 Online Benny's Mod Shop Garage Location Bennys Mod Shop GTA 5 Where Is Benny's Garage GTA 5

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Published: May 14, 2017Updated: May 15, 2017

GTA 5 Online Benny's Mod Shop Garage Location Bennys Mod Shop GTA 5 where is benny's garage gta 5 gta 5 benny's garage location this video will show you where is benny's garage gta 5 is really good in this video i show you the location of bennys garage in gta 5 bennys mod shop or bennys garage online as the dlc comes out tomorrow this is the last day you will see this building in a clean way as when the dlc comes out it will have gta 5 art work on it i really like how we will have another mod shop in gta 5 online

this video is about the GTA 5 Online Bennys's Mod Shop Garage Location Guide so today ive got a cool video and im showing you where bennys garage is this is the last time for next gen you will see his garage in gta 5 online with no art work and just a plain building on the street as of tomorrow it will be the best mod shop in gta 5 we will be doing a car meet tomorrow so put your xbox one gamertags in the comment section and we will message you when we will do the car meet up

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