5 years ago

Man Solves His Bear Problem With A Permanent Halloween Installment

We all know how bears can get around trash cans and picnic baskets. You can go right ahead and blame Yogi the Bear for this ridiculous stereotype. Bears are opportunistic feeders, meaning they would like to spend the least amount of energy rummaging for their next meal, so they will eat everything they sniff out to be appetizing. However, usually that means that someone has to pick up their trash every morning.

Well, not after this! A man from Salem, Virginia decided he has had enough of the local bears trashing his yard, so he found the most logical, bear-friendly solution. He kept one of the Halloween decorations out and set it up on the trash can. Watch how one clever trick keeps a bear from getting into a family's trash.

Bears appearing in families' yards and homes is not an unusual sight. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it can be really scary! Family was having trouble keeping bears out of their property, so they had to think long and hard on how to handle this. Finally, they came up with interesting and very unusual idea, to put a scary clown toy that makes bizarre sounds once touched.

How the bear reacts will blow your mind! It's so scared that is runs away as quickly as possible without turning its back!It's probably safe to say that it won't be coming back for quite a while!

Have you ever had any similar problems?

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