This Kangaroo Isn't A Fan Of Halloween

Published May 9, 2017 32,483 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis kangaroo is not afraid to take on any foe he can find, including this old Halloween decoration! It doesn't matter if this kangaroo can't quite reach it, because he sure put on a great show and entertained the audience just by trying to reach the spooky ghost!
This is one hilarious sight you won't want to miss!

It is so adorable to see this big kangaroo struggling to befriend the Halloween decoration that is hanging over him from a tree branch. He tries so hard to reach it but he fails even before he tries.

Namely, he rests his weight on his tail and leans back in the attempt to reach the decoration that is hanging high on the tree.

Unfortunately for this guy, his arms are too short and not very flexible. He doesn’t even manage to lift his hands up! He fails every time. He is so cute and adorable, but I feel sorry for him, he is so determined to succeed but his target is out of his range.

He constantly reaches with his hands in a hug-maneuver and turns around trying to grab it, but never really gets a hold of the ghost decoration. He gets frustrated and starts turning around in circles underneath the decoration, hopelessly trying to grab it, but to no avail!

He wants this decoration so much, but he never tries to jump. I bet he would easily snatch it if he only remembered to jump.


  • suzhouchen, 2 years ago

    Take it down. It is not funny to the Kangaroo. He wants it gone. Maybe he finds it scary. ANIMALS are not dumb....take the stupid ugly ghost down and get it away from the Kangaroos pen. Stupid people who laugh at this poor creature who has NOBODY to help it.

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