Cute Dwarf Dog Lives His Life To The Fullest Despite Of His Condition

7 years ago

This inspiring pup is refusing to let having dwarfism get in the way of living his life to the fullest. German Shepherd Michelangelo Augustine, affectionately known as MikeyGus, was born to proud parents Spartacus and Temperance in Clarksville, Indiana, and at first he seemed just like the rest of his litter.

At six weeks old his owners Amy and Heath Carkuff began to wonder if there was something wrong with the happy puppy as he was much clumsier than his siblings. The mischievous pup lives happily alongside his parents, Lilo the family Shuh Tzu, a brood of chickens and Biscotti the cow, who often lays against the fence so that MikeyGus can snuggle up to her.

When he was 16 weeks it was confirmed that MikeyGus had dwarfism, which has many negative side effects, the bone deformation of all of his long bones.
When MikeyGus turned six months old he suddenly stopped walking entirely but owners hoped that he would learn to walk again and that he just needed some time and encouragement. He was extremely determined and eventually began walking again.
His condition contributed for the family to learn much about determination, ambition, love and serving. Their journey with MikeyGus has been very bittersweet.
He isn't showing any signs of pain even if walking appears to be uncomfortable, but his ears are up and his disposition cheery. MikeyGus has a particularly special bond with the Carkuff’s youngest daughter Samantha, who says MikeyGus is more like a sibling than a pet.

Videographer / director: Amy Carkuff
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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