The Nations Capital under flood warnings!

ViralVideoLinks Published May 6, 2017

Rumble The rivers are full. The creeks are overloaded and everyone is on high alert!
Ottawa, the nations capital is on a careful watch as they prepare for the worst. It's only Sat May 6th, 2017 but the rain isn't supposed to let up until Monday. This time last year we were praying for rain. Now we want it to stop and it just won't seem to let up.

Farmers have invested thousands into their upcoming crops and the fields are being washed away. Many households have two or more sump pumps on full time.

Families are coming together to help place sand bags and try their best to divert the water. Emergency crews are working their hardest responding to calls for service.

In this clip you'll see the river at one of Canada's large universities - Carleton University is at one of its highest in years.

Please pray for Ottawa and area as well as Quebec, as they deal with this flood!