You've Been Peeling Oranges Wrong For Your Whole Life!

Published May 6, 2017 1,863,627 Plays

Rumble Wow, this is a cool trick! Peeling oranges can be very frustrating and very time consuming. Most people don't want to spend 10 minutes peeling their orange to perfection. This video shows us a super easy trick that will save you lots of time from peeling and more time for eating! Oranges are so good for you! They can boost your immune system and improve your skin. Oranges have a lots of Vitamin C which can help fight against skin damages caused by the sun and pollution.

The first step to having a nicely cut orange is to cut off both ends. Once this is done, a slit should be made down to the middle of the orange, but not all the way or the trick won't work! Last but not least, open the orange where the cut was made and get ready to serve! It can't get easier than this! Time to show off your peeling skills to your friends! Share this video with them so they can save some time as well! Awesome!

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