Speaking Rock, Life, Death and the Hereafter, with Chris Cornell

3 months ago

This interview was recorded in 2008 when Chris Cornell from the rock bands Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audio Slave, was touring D.C. promoting his solo album, Scream. Mansoor Malik of VOA News shot the interview with me but I somehow stupidly misplaced the tapes this interview was shot on, then found them again in 2012. We released the Chris Cornell interview, in coordination with his wife Vicky Cornell, his assistant Clare O'Brien, and the record labels involved, while I was the managing editor for Internet at VOA Urdu. I resigned and left in 2015, and for the last 8 years, this video had been up and online at this URL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2_UPpy4wPw - In 2023, I was informed that some asshole at VOA Urdu, first badly chopped the interview cutting things out and misplacing words and then finally decided to delete the entire video as if his father paid for it. Whoever deleted this video, failed to understand that this was public property because VOA News is funded by our tax dollars. VOA is an integral part of the propaganda machines of the CIA and the U.S. state department. I doubt if the state or anyone at any agency had anything to do with the removal of this harmless interview. People who deleted this video had no intelligence or probably weren't even Americans or American citizens, because killing a video of a deceased American artist who was playing the sound of America, is kind of moronic. But by an act of God, this video was found again in 2023. I'm uploading it here so Vicky, the wife of Chris Cornell, and their children can listen to Chris speak. My regret is that I was not able to tell Chris about the news of God that I encountered in 2009. About the fact that there is life after death and that we are here for a reason, to serve and seek connection with God and to seek His grace, mercy, and ask forgiveness of the God because there are either of the two places we are going to or as wishes the God. My mistake was I didn't share with Chris the real news of the Quran, and the news of God, in due time, while Chris Cornell was still alive here on this earth. I'm not making the same mistake again of not sharing it and leaving the link at the end because this is not a joke. To God, we shall all return, soon. https://www.themajesticreading.com/read

Peace. Imran | https://www.themajesticreading.com

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