I Am Jehovah

9 months ago

The New Heaven/New Earth is a physical/psycho/spiritual reality. This means that it is a tangible, mental, dimensional LIFE. These realities written about in the Bible and other Religious texts need to have a place to come together instead of being a bunch of hopeful places (pipedreams) in your mind.

The purpose of me creating the “The Heaven/New Earth - The Universal True(th)” is to prepare your mind for a WHOLE new Reality. An Absolute Reality based in Absolute True(th).
With that in Mind, The Universal Mind being a mental creation, if I/Eye/Aye were to tell the Absolute True(th) the consequences would have a “Holy Spirit” (WHOLE)ly Spirit, impact on the World/Universal Stage.

Please be assured of My Sincere love for you.

To: The Governing Body

The New Heaven/New Earth

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