Puppy furious after ocean water destroys his sandcastle

AngusTheGoldenPublished: May 5, 2017Updated: May 8, 20173,340,247 views
Published: May 5, 2017Updated: May 8, 2017

Don’t you just love the beach? Warmth from the sun, chill from the occasional wind, the serene sound of the ocean waves hitting the sand and - oh, the sand! You can dig in it, scavenge for hidden treasures or even build a castle and claim it as your own!

Angus the Golden Retriever here has worked really hard to dig a very nice hole in the sand, only to have it filled up with water from a big wave. Check out how upset he is! Can't blame him!

Where did the hole go? How did the water get there? Aw man, Angus worked so hard to get that hole just right. So he does what he knows best - he barks at those stupid waves and goes to mommy for comfort.

Don’t worry little guy, you’ll get it next time!

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