This Is Why Jeans Have Little Buttons Around Pockets Called Rivets

Published May 4, 2017 7,546,957 Plays

Rumble We all wear jeans, but have you ever stopped to wonder what those little brass buttons actually do? We all know that Levi Strauss was the man who first started making heavy-duty worker's pants out of canvas, but a man named Jacob Davis, a tailor, approached Strauss with the idea that certain weak point in the pants, such as the corners of pockets, can be enhanced if small rivets made of copper were inserted. This is how the modern blue jeans were born!

We love blue jeans, the de facto pants for most of the population. We wear them as kids, we wear them as adults, and they come in all lengths and colors. They are used to make a great outfit and even to work with. Date night or casual Friday, you name it! Jeans are always the right pick for any moment!

We wear them until they wear and tear, and then we wear them some more even when they’re falling apart, because it is fashionable. As often as you’ve been wearing jeans, have you ever noticed the small, little button in the corner of some pockets? Turns out it is not button at all, they are called rivets.

Back in 1872, when Levi Strauss was selling jeans made from canvas to workers, one of the customers sent a letter with a new idea. A gentleman named James Davis, who happened to be a tailor in a mining town in Nevada, had a great idea. He suggested that certain weak points in the pants design could be improved by putting small copper rivets on it. His customized pants have become popular and he wanted to secure the patent.

On May 20th 1873, the patent for copper-riveted pants was issued. In exchange for this idea, Strauss made Davis his production manager. Eventually Levi Strauss converted to making pants out of heavy blue denim instead of canvas, and the modern blue jeans were born!