Two Rescued Ex-Fighting Dogs Meet For The First Time

Published May 4, 2017 530,118 Views

This video is the result of many months of work invested into the lives of two canines used for blood sport.

The folks at Detroit Bully Corps (DBC) do a lot of amazing work with dogs exposed to the darker side of life. Many come to the rescue in bad shape, clearly having been offered no human kindness or compassion. Vito and Maggy are two such dogs.

Maggy originated from Southwest Detroit and came to Detroit Bully Corps via The Dearborn Animal Shelter.

Vito originated is the North side of Flint, MI and was a field rescue.

Both canines have shown a distinct willingness to shed the internal scars from their past lives. Maggy has become an advocate canine and she is taken to schools to teach children about bullying and how to overcome great odds.

The <a href="" target="_blank">non-profit</a> rescue organization, dedicated to helping and advocating for dogs in the Detroit area, shared a video of two ex-fighting dogs meeting for the first time. Watch and see what happened when Vito and Maggie met for the very first time! They instantly clicked! And they look so happy playing together!

The DBC gets canines from every background. These two have shown the most dignity & define the very soul of the DBC work, my focus & the American Pit Bull Terrier. They both decided to shed the mental scars of an old life & move forward in a world that had given them every reason to throw in the towel.

Please enjoy the redemption of these two wonderful canines.

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