Will it Support a Car? Netfloor USA ECO Cable Management Access Floor

NetfloorUSA1Published: May 4, 2017Updated: May 5, 20175 views
Published: May 4, 2017Updated: May 5, 2017

One of the top questions our customers ask us is "How strong is your access floor?"

Technical specs are important. Point loads, rolling loads, ultimate loads, etc. all have their place. Architects, engineers and end users need to know if the products they specify will meet the needs of the user (not to mention building codes!)

But many customers want to know if the access floor will handle THEIR specific loads.

Whether it's a server rack, cubicles, library books, conference room tables, etc., you want to make sure these cable management floors will work for YOU.

With that in mind, we thought this might be an interesting demonstration.

No, you won't find this sort of test called for in the access floor section of a project's specs, but it seemed pretty cool anyways! https://www.netfloorusa.com/comparison-cable-management-methods

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