uN-wOKe - Ep 2 - Sound of Freedom International Launch | The Blind Side Mob

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Join host Kyle Suggs for an unapologetically un-WoKe live stream, where we dig deep into the topics that matter to real Americans. In today's episode, we're celebrating today's international release of "Sound of Freedom," a film that champions truth and freedom, striking a chord with audiences worldwide.

We'll also be discussing the resurgence of pro-America country songs that are taking the music scene by storm. From Oliver Anthony to Jason Aldean and Tom MacDonald, these artists are fearlessly embracing their patriotism, and we're here to dissect why their message resonates so strongly.

And of course, we can't ignore the recent complete failure of the USA women's soccer team and why many of us celebrated.

Tune in at 5pm EST on both YouTube and Facebook for the first hour, and stick around for the second hour exclusively on Rumble. Get ready to dive into the real issues facing our nation, all from an unapologetically conservative perspective.


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