Emotional grandpa meets granddaughter for the first time

abochainPublished: May 3, 2017Updated: May 4, 2017151,692 views
Published: May 3, 2017Updated: May 4, 2017

Anyone who's had the honor and the pleasure to meet and spend time with their grandparents is lucky. They can be a solace to any child, whether it's to get the things mom and dad don't let them have, the unique toys and treats, or their support in difficult times.
But more often we see grandparents living too far away from their grandchildren, having been prevented to see them for one reason or the other. It's difficult and heartbreaking. That is why we got so warmed up when we saw this video.
This man hasn't been able to fly out to another state to meet his first granddaughter since she was born, so she was brought to his front door as an epic surprise. Once he realizes what's going on he instantly begins to cry. Such a heartwarming moment!

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