Meet Venom The World’s Most Famous Micro Bully Valued At Over $500,000

Published May 3, 2017 13,115 Views

Rumble Venom is the world’s most famous micro bully who is valued at over $500,000. Thanks to his bodybuilder physique, the micro bully attracted fans from all across the globe. He lives with Matt Siebenthal, his fiancé Deanne and his stepson Christian in Lake Worth, Florida, along with his fellow dogs King Tyson and Lucky Lucciano.

Despite his gentle personality, the breed has often been labelled as aggressive by the mainstream media, but his family believes in the loving nature of their dog. There is one big misconception about American bullies that they look aggressive because of their muscle mass or size, but they are sweet, gentle giants. Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t believe everything the media puts out. Any dog breed will be mean and aggressive if they are kept locked up 24 hours a day.

This family has the perfect example of prime micro bully breeding and they are passing on Venom’s priceless genes onto healthy pups, who sell out months in advance for an average of $4-6000, with one pup selling for $25,000. The value of these dogs is priceless, because they are part of the family, and how can you put a value on that, says Matt.

Matt decided to listen to his fiancé and start writing about the striking breed in his own magazine - Bully King Magazine. This bi-monthly magazine celebrates everything bully related from breeding and training information to health, diet and exercise tips.

Videographer / director: Kendri Rodriguez
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Joshua Douglas