Abusive Boyfriend Hits Girlfriend In The Face, Gets Served Up Instant Justice By Her Son

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Published: May 2, 2017

You have to be a pretty big coward to hit a woman. But to do it in front of her son, you’ve got to be the lowest kind of lowlife. This guy has made it a habit of abusing the woman he is with. And this time he has done it in front of her son, and the abuser never thought twice that the boy would defend his mom. However, that’s exactly what happened. Now, look what happened.
As the short video clip proves, don’t hit a woman when her son is next to her. You’ll watch this guy get laid out with one single punch from the young man. It’s a violent and curse-laden video, but one worth watching if you’re like seeing justice be served.

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      Branded969 · 1 year ago

      Damn Right he did the right thing as I have done many times. Bullies need that lesson at least once a day until they get the message, but we have raised a bunch of sissies, REAL MEN will step in. Semper Fi.

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        12irishrose · 49 weeks ago

        Yes of course he did the right thing I would have done the same in his situation, good for him defending his Mum, well done.