Pouncing kitten determined to nab toy from older brother

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Published: May 2, 2017Updated: May 3, 2017

We've all been there as kids - minding our own business and then all of a sudden we catch a glimpse of our siblings playing with toys much cooler than our measly hand-me-downs. Jealously takes over and we must take the toy from them by any means necessary. The feline world is no different apparently. Ah memories!

Don't we all just want to play and have some fun? This is a classic case of "I want that". Children and animals alike have always wanted something that someone else is using, just like in this situation. Children and this kitten have a ton in common on that front. They both just try and get whatever it is that they want.

This is probably the cutest kitty "fight" that you will see all day. This is just another cuteness overload! If your pets ever do anything cute, be sure to upload them to Rumble.com!

Check out this adorable cat video!

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    missvirgule ยท 1 year ago

    Me, i see a baby who just tries to attract the attention of his brother/sister, nothing else (it's better to don't "project" our own bad feelings on the others ;-)). Lovely kittens