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Crafty Guy Performs Awesome Detachable Thumb Tricks

Vincent Kuo is a 17 year old magician who dropped out of high school when he was 16 to pursue magic as a career.

In 2017 he started a project where he challenges himself to create new magic every day for 100 straight days.
The project has gained him respect within the magic community around the world as a creative thinker and Vincent is continuing his magic journey today. So how does he do it?

This video was filmed on April 29, 2017, in Sydney, NSW, Australia, as Vincent performs detachable thumb tricks. The steps to his secret are explained below.

Tuck your thumb behind your fingers and make a fist with your left hand. Then, with your right hand, wrap your index finger tightly around the base of your thumb.

Place both hands together so that it appears that your visible right thumb is attached to your left hand. Your index finger helps hide the gap. Position the thumb so it appears natural.

Then, separate your hands so that it appears that you have removed your thumb, and put your hands back together, so that the thumb is "reattached."

"Yeah, yeah," you say, "I know how this trick works." but wait until you see this dude's level of execution and perfection. He will leave you mind-blown!

Take a look at this other magic trick. This skilful magician uses a rubber band that disappears in the blink of an eye!

Yes, you just saw a trick with rubber bands that disappear right in front of your eyes. A good magic trick will dazzle you, make you question your reality, your eyes, your general perceiving of the world. Well, we gotta tell you - this isn’t that kind of a magic trick. Watch Derek The Wizard as he pulls off an impressive disappearing act using rubber bands. Do not try at home, he is a trained professional!

Magic tricks utilizing everyday items and just your hands are, to our way of thinking, more baffling than employing fancy canisters and such. We immediately suspect that the unusual item is specially made for a specific purpose. The trick depicted in this video genuinely uses only two rubber bands and a tiny bit of sleight-of-hand. The magician displays the two rubber bands and proceeds to place one in each hand, tangle them together then to separate them. Then, he only concentrates on one of the rubber bands, stretching it as long as possible and putting it close to his nostrils. Now, we know what he is about to do and we wish him not to because it looks creepy and dangerous. You need to watch the entire video to discover the working of this easy trick.

Magic tricks are awesome. Especially if no one can figure out your fraud. Magicians are not perfect, even they can have bad days when their trick is revealed and the crowd is not pleased. But this man in the video has shown some good magic skills when performing a ring trick.

What's the most impressive magic trick you've ever seen?

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