While On His Deathbed, Former JFK Security Member Drops Huge Bomb About Kennedy’s Murderer

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Published: May 1, 2017

Ever since the murder of former President John F. Kennedy in 1963, the country has been talking about conspiracy theories. People discuss how Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone, how there were multiple shooters and various organizations involved.
But now a new accusation has been made. Veteran filmmaker Oliver Stone just revealed that the former president was killed by his own team.

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      DubleDeuce · 1 year ago

      Fact is there is ONLY one plausible explanation for his death consistent with the evidence and that is that he was shot (accidentally) by a young and inexperienced Secret Service underling riding in the car behind the Vice President. At that time a new weapon was introduced to the military, the M-16 rifle. The SS had one stowed under the seat and under the direct control of this agent. When the first shots rang out from the Texas School Book Depository building just behind the Presidents motorcade, it started the young agent and he instinctively went for the weapon, raised the barrel up to the sky and in the process discharged the weapon as the safety was not fully on. The round went through the Presidents head and blew off most of his right rear scalp.

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        DubleDeuce · 1 year ago

        Looking at the available evidence and the confusion surrounding the event this scenario is highly probable as the best explanation that includes ALL of the evidenced reported. Among the evidence was the confusion that more then 3 shots were fired; that one of the shots appeared to come from the grassy knoll behind the fence in front of the President (the high powered weapon caused an extremely high report from its discharge) the massive damage to the President's head due to the 3150fps muzzle velocity of the 5.56mm round. Further to the point, it was often reported by several news outlets that the SS was ABSOLUTELY hostile to everyone in and around the body of the President at Parkland General that afternoon. Why were they so evasive and hostile and DEMANDING that the body be released to be returned back to Washington DC? It is believed that a few of the agents knew EXACTLY what had happened that day and were in no mood to be excoriated for their unprofessionalism in the execution of their Commander in Chief. This scenario is outlined as a theory of the accident in a PBS Documentary and in this film there is shown a young man riding in the back seat of an open Cadillac with an M-16 rifle held up in the air. It is supposition that at the moment the photo was taken the handler was not aware that the weapon had actually discharged. It is the ONE scenario that fits ALL of the evidence gathered at the scene that day.