Young german shepherd dog tries to eat water

KerouNaty Published April 30, 2017 625 Plays

Rumble My funny german shepherd dog puppy from now six months old tries to eat some water. It is so funny to watch that. He did this since i got him when he was 10 weeks old. Very funny dog. I cannot stop watching this. :-)


  • Vyncent, 1 year ago

    He kind of reminds me of a cat that I had years ago. She, unlike most cats, could not curl her tongue under to drink. More often than not she ended up with water going up her nose, which of course did not set well with her. One day after having run water in the tube to fill a bucket, she jumped in and started to like the faucet to catch the drips. I ended up whenever I was in the bathroom and she would jump into the tube, turning the faucet on just enough to drip, so she could get the water she needed without it going up her nose.

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    • KerouNaty, 1 year ago

      I had a thai siam cat many years ago. He was very funny and liked water. :-)

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