Get Your Gold & Silver Out Of Bank Vaults Now & More Imperative Information About inflation.

3 months ago

This episode is for everyone, even if you have already bought precious metals. Bails ins may be on the horizon, and banks can take over everything in your vault. Want To Store Some Wealth OUTSIDE Of Canada and inside Canada but AWAY from the banks? Assure Your Financial Freedom With Gold & Silver. Many of us can see the direction Canada (and some other countries) may be taking, and it is not pretty. More and more Canadians are leaving Canada, especially Canadians that have fled communist countries and have started to notice the same tactics happening right here in Canada now. You cannot cross the border with more than 10k. If there is a crash, we do not know whether the liberal government will force a buy back at a rock bottom price. The world is changing and the governments are tightening their grip in every sense. Digital currency is around the corner, social credit is already being used, and truther doctors/freedom warriors bank accounts are being frozen. Inflation is making our dollar more and more useless every day so we need to hedge our wealth as soon as possible. I was so impressed with the meeting I had with the wide awake gentlemen from New World Precious Metals that I asked them to come on the show. * For more information use this link:

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