Mama Cat Takes Back Crying Kitten From Toddler

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Rumble / Cats & Kittens1. Even though it is a decent idea to grow your little one around animals because they can teach each other about friendship and fair-play. However, toddlers can be jerks around animals, since they still lack the necessary judgment when it comes to handling them.

It may be cute to watch your kid play with the baby pets, but if you don’t intervene when they start pulling their tails or squeezing them too hard, then the baby animal’s mother certainly will!

This toddler is lucky enough to grow up with a litter of Siamesekittens and she sure loves them. We see her holding one of the kitties in her arms, seemingly gently, even for such a small child. But the kitten is crying loudly and incessantly, so mama cat quickly came to the rescue.

At first, the girl protests the mother’s attempt to take the kitten from her hands and pushes the cat away. This happens two more times before the feline has had enough; the kitty keeps crying, and that is a sure sign that it isn’t feeling okay. So the mother lifts herself on her hind legs, grabs the kitty from the toddler’s arms and quickly takes it to the litter.

The little girl is left in tears when mama cat takes her baby kitten right from her arms. She's shocked and upset to lose her new best friend. Luckily grandpa is here to console her! Sometimes when it comes to parenting, you need to do what you need to do and make the tough decisions.

Cat mamas are very protective about their kittens. Felines regularly have their very own thoughts regarding wellbeing and will locate their very own birthing spots, frequently outside of anyone's ability to see and difficult to reach.

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t love small, cute kittens. However, mama cats do not like when people touch their babies. It’s that that your cat all of sudden hates you or has other priories it’s just they love to keep their kittens safe.

And don’t be offended if she hides her kittens from you, it’s not that you have done something wrong it that they like to keep her kittens on a safe place with not a lot of light and a place in the house where is not too crowdy or busy.

If she finds a place like that in the house, that will be the spot that she will choose instead the location you chose for her. So, if you want to help, make sure that your cat will always have fresh water and food at the place where she is based with her kittens.

We know that you will impatient to hold the kittens and to give them hugs and kisses, or if you have small children like this in the video don’t allow them to play with them until the mama cat is ready for that!

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  • fallenangel99, 1 year ago

    a perfect good mama

    4 rumbles
  • fangmaster, 1 year ago

    The grownups should have stopped this without waiting for mama cat to succeed. Put their baby & the kitten at risk. Quit with the videos & take action!

    10 rumbles
  • Marnee, 1 year ago

    That child is to young to have hold that kitten, which was obviously in distress.. The adult should have taken it from the child and given to the mamma cat. I fear for those kittens safety with that kid around..

    8 rumbles
  • Maxim, 1 year ago

    There is only one "jerk" here: the one with the camera who could (and should) have stopped all the ordeal, but instead kept filming.

    11 rumbles
  • RavenFall, 1 year ago

    Well, if the mother hadn't been intent on creating a "cute" video of her little girl, and had actually cared about a frightened kitten instead, we wouldn't be watching this stupidity. A child that age should NEVER be allowed to handle a kitten of that size without supervision. But hey, if she'd killed the kitten, that would have been a pretty cool video too, right? Lot's of people would love that. SICK !!

    10 rumbles
  • fallenangel99, 1 year ago

    so much ignorance in the adult who let this baby grab the kitty

    8 rumbles
  • Rotties4me, 1 year ago

    Keep videotaping you moron. Not funny at all. Saw a video recently where a woman is taping her toddler pulling a cat's tail. The cat bats at the child and its mother yells at the cat!?! Do not have pets if you aren't smarter than they are.

    6 rumbles
  • tjames35, 1 year ago

    Man you got rich on this video congrats!

    2 rumbles
  • DavidMcNab, 29 weeks ago

    That's a very patient mother cat.

    1 rumble
  • Vitalyraz, 25 weeks ago

    so funy

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  • GoddessOdd, 21 weeks ago

    Shame on the adult recording this, shame on the person who posted this. This toddler MIGHT have been taught a valuable lesson about gentleness and kindness towards animals. Instead, someone posted this horrible video.

    2 rumbles
  • savpeach44, 7 weeks ago

    Shame on the parents of that baby for letting her carry that kitten around. The kitten is upset, the mommy cat is upset and now the toddler is upset. What would happen to the kitten is the toddler falls on the kitten? She is also holding the kitten to tight. Perfect example of poor parenting.

    1 rumble