Twin Toddlers Reenact Favorite Scene From 'Frozen'

Published April 28, 2017 9,150,997 Views

These playful twins act out their favorite scene from the hit Disney movie 'Frozen' in this incredibly heartwarming clip. Watch them flawlessly reenact every frame in a video that will surely put a smile on your face!

When their mom decided to check up on her twins knowing they are always up to something interesting she found her kids in action! This loving mom played the movie Frozen for her little tots, knowing it is their favorite movie, but she never expected they were doing something this amusing when the film was on!

Footage shows the tiny toddlers goofing around in the living room while watching their favorite cartoon. However, the mom soon realized that her little bunnies are actually reenacting a scene from this animated movie. She could have never imagined how creatively brilliant her babies were before she caught them in the act of doing it!

In the video clip, we can see the girl twin lay down on the pillow, while her brother gives her a back rub, urging her to get up, just like in the movie scene. Cuteness overload!

While the twins play around on the floor, they have their eyes glued to the TV the entire time in order to follow the characters’ movements and don’t miss a thing on their act! Amazing! Watch as they play-act their favorite scene from Frozen!

In the movie, Anna wakes up Elsa and they run downstairs to build a snowman. The little boy waves his hand in the air as if he were magically creating a snowball, just like he sees Elsa do on screen! Can you believe the cuteness of this tot! Watch and be amazed as these two precious twins audition for the live-action version of Frozen while their mother captures their amazing act on camera, much for our entertainment!
The world of twins is fascinating. Whether or not they’re identical, they’re the subject of many scientific studies and even get tons of questions from their family and friends. And these babies are so fascinating they make our hearts melt!

Maddie and Scarlet are already showing their incredible bond and how much fun they have together. What impressed us the most is that they know each move so good they don’t even take a glance at the TV. They are incredibly adorable, and we love watching this cute video!

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