Tiny Rescued Weasel Kittens Enjoy Playtime

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Published: April 27, 2017

When a couple of parents went to pick up their kids from school, they never could have imagined that they will pick up a few extra kiddies as well!

While they were idling their car in front of the school, they noticed something drop from the engine and their first thought was there is something really messed up under the hood, a possible damage of thousands of dollars. Imagine their relief when the problem they were about to face was not mechanical; in fact, it wasn’t car related at all.

It just so happened that a family of weasels have made their home under the hood of the car. Given how this is wild life they found, they contacted Squirrel Refuge and their workers were dispatched in the spot immediately. After they picked up the kittens, they were given in the care of A Soft Place To Land (ASPTL), which is a wildlife rehabilitation center in Graham, Washington and their workers fell head over heels for them!

The founder of ASPTL and licensed wildlife rehabilitator Jasmine Fletcher Glaze was the one who took the babies after they were brought in. They were so tiny, each of them weighed no more than 10 grams!

They aren’t Jasmine’s first weasel babies - She had already raised and released a wild weasel who she named Norman. He is free to roam in nature, but he always comes back to hunt their mice and sleep in his hammock.

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