Little Girl Defends Her Dog After Mom's Accusations

Published April 26, 2017 1,464,591 Views $412.71 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsEvery kid needs a dog and those who have had the greatest pleasure to grow up with one should consider themselves lucky. Not only are they amazing companions and absolutely the bestest friends a kid could ask for, but they are also amazing teachers. Stuff like fair play, respect of one’s privacy, sharing and unconditional love, these are lessons that only a dog can teach the best way they know how. So, when a squabble happens between the dog and one of the older members of the family, it is only natural that the kid would come running to their best bud’s aid. Because, friends for life, right?

Another heartwarming video emerges as this little girl helps her friend. Sierra is getting very skilled at defending her puppy. She may want to become an animal rights attorney someday. Watch as the eloquent girl skillfully asks her mother pertinent questions about the crime and if there is enough evidence to claim the puppy is guilty. What a charm! This adorable footage is one that will surely be remembered by Sierra, her mom and viewers alike. It is one that should not be missed!

The way Sierra defends her favorite pup is so adorable that it just warms you up and melts your heart. She should definitely be a lawyer one day, as her effort seemed to have worked on her mom, getting her big puppy off the hook! Maybe it was the birds and squirrels that did it! That big pooch is so lucky to have a tough attorney to defend his actions, but the look on his face when Sierra’s mom tells him so gives up his guilt!

It seems that this isn’t the first time Samson has chewed up the pillows in this house! Good thing he doesn’t complain back, like noisy Blu. Even though the Husky is clearly guilty of his crime - ripping the mattress in his crate to shreds, he will not let his owner scold him! But Samson here is no Husky, so the poor pooch just sits there and lets him mom scold him. Or does he? When tells him he should stay outside for a while, he tries to talk back! He is such a teenager! Further proof that he is in his rebellious phase comes when, despite her warning that he should not try to come inside, he pokes his head in, thinking she had gone away. Silly dog.

Samson loves Sierra so much, he even tries his best at playing hide-and-seek with the energetic girl. As soon as she yells the cue “I'm ready", her adorable pooch Sebastian starts to look for her in the most precious game of hide and seek. He's very excited, and the girl helps him a bit by letting him hear her.

At first, Sebastian is a little confused. Is she by the pool? No. Maybe over by her bike. Not there. He is turning left and right when he hears Sierra's voice going “chip, chip", as if to help him find her. He turns towards the sound, but she's not there? Maybe over by the barbecue?