Diver finds a wolf eel posing for photos

cdngreenwaterdiverPublished: April 26, 2017Updated: April 27, 20171 views
Published: April 26, 2017Updated: April 27, 2017

Cameraman Stuart is an avid cold water scuba diver from British Columbia Canada. Always packing along his camera, he records come incredible life within the 42'f waters around Vancouver B.C Howe Sound. On this boat dive with Sea Dragon Charters, Stuart got some great still photos of his buddies, as well as the life on the rock faces and floor during his dive. Some beautiful anemones,sponge housing eggs, and the video footage of the ever grumpy looking, but ever so docile Wolf eel. Wolf Eels, despite their name, are not actually eels, they are fish. At times Wolf eels are know to come out of their dens and divers have been able to pet them ,much like a puppy dog.Some grow to over 6 feet long.
Great footage and stills Stuart, thank you for sharing.

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