This Compilation Of Clips Shows That Dogs Love TV More Than You Do

Published April 25, 2017 1,305,079 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIf you think you're a professional couch potato, think again! These adorable dogs are binge watching masters who could sit in front of a TV for all of eternity if they wanted to! Good luck trying to get these TV lovers to budge from their favorite spot when their favorite show is on!

There is an estimate that the average adult spends more than five hours per day watching television, and that doesn’t even take into account those weekend Netflix binges. It’s a passive addiction that washes your brain and makes you antisocial...oh wait, aren’t they all? Never mind.

The Food Network, Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, VH1; our TVs serve as background noise while we are alone in the house and we just love to hate on all those <a href="" target="_blank">reality shows</a>. So of us even sleep with the TV on!

When it comes to dogs, they shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an HD program and your run of the mill window, but these pooches consider the TV screen their second parent, because they pay more close attention to it than their owners! They’re like little kids, sitting too close to the screen, wide-eyed and enamored with everything that happens.

Our absolute favorite has to be the mutt that listens to the Dog Whisperer and obeys the commands he says on the screen! How come he won’t do that in the park?

... and disable advertisements! No kidding :)