Dachshund takes horse for a stroll

AnnaGilbertPublished: April 25, 2017Updated: April 26, 201742,987 views
Published: April 25, 2017Updated: April 26, 2017

Little Schnitzel the Dachshund takes his best friend Chief the Connemara for a walk. Look at how funny that tiny dog looks as he leads this giant horse around. Hilarious!

Just for comparison, Chief here is a Connemara pony, where a full grown adult male specimen can grow up to 58 inches tall, where as a full grown male Dachshund individual can grow a maximum of 9 inches. That’s just a little over your standard issue cutlery!

Since Dachshund have been bred to hunt down small prey, it shouldn’t be all too unusual that this little fella has decided to show the big ol’ horse who’s the boss around the farm! Good thing Chief is patient like a horse! (pun intended)

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