German Shepherd mom lovingly feeds her pups

apollospackPublished: April 25, 2017Updated: April 26, 201723,448 views
Published: April 25, 2017Updated: April 26, 2017

No matter if human or dog, a mother is the most caring creature in the world. She provides us with sustenance, keeps us safe from harm and teaches us valuable lessons. But even a mom is a living being and needs some time off!

That is exactly what this German Shepherd mom looks like she needs - a little break! She’s got a litter of 6 puppies and they all want to eat, so they run after good old momma in an effort to grab their own teat.

Look at those chubby little beans of puppies! Running over each other while in pursuit of the milk wagon of four legs! But mom will not be mom if she doesn’t cave in and allow her puppies their milk. So adorable!

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