Why I’m Already Sick of the 2024 Election | Interview on Battlefront: Frontline with Dustin Faulkner

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I’m sick of this presidential election already. This is the first time since I’ve become an adult that I’ve quite literally cared less about the GOP Primaries. The petty bickering, name calling and smear campaigns are worse than I think I’ve ever seen in the GOP Primaries, as far as I can remember.

There’s almost no substance being discussed, whatsoever. We’ve devolved into ignoring the important issues and being distracted with the real life reality show playing out before our eyes.

While we are facing World War III, the weaponization of the government against Trump and conservatives, out of control inflation, Big Pharma being responsible for killing millions of people through the covid jabs and our elections not being fixed, what’s being discussed during this election cycle is actually quite disgusting when you think about it.

I recently joined my good friend Dustin Faulkner on his show Battlefront: Frontline to discuss Trump vs DeSantis, my thoughts on whether anyone other than Trump even has a chance of getting the GOP nomination and then we also discussed the current state of Big Tech and my new social media platform called pickax.

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