Mama Duck Takes Her Babies Out Of The House And Straight To The Pond

Published April 24, 2017 45,316 Views $75.72 earned

A homeowner in Beuningen, Gelderland, Netherlands has had the honor of hosting this Mama Duck and her tiny ducklings into their back yard for two years in a row! They first encountered the little feathery family back in 2015, when they heard silent knocking sound on their window.

“I put away the dog, opened the front door and then the back door and she walked through my living room. Of course I helped her cross the street to get her and her kids to the water.” says the lucky host.

“Six weeks after her first breed she returned, I think because all her children were dead by cars, cats, etc. She [bred] for the second time that year and I helped her out again. Last year she came back and had another 10 [ducklings]!

“Eight weeks ago I saw her in our garden, but her usual nest kept empty. So I thought she'd chosen another area. How glad and a bit emotional I was when I heard ticking this morning (April 23) and I saw her again with 10 [babies]!”

Here’s to hoping that Mama Duck will be able to keep her ducklings safe from harm and that this person will be graced with their presence again next year!

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