26b. Modern Man in Search of a Myth | ft. Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Manly P. Hall, + my commentary

This episode is part 2/2 and follows episode 26a (which was blocked off YouTube. See my podcast for an audio version and the comment section below for a link to another video version on another platform).

In this episode, we again hear directly from Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell and also, this time, from Manly P. Hall. The objective is to give a psychoanalysis of modern society and to focus in on how we have become collectively neurotic as a result of living without a "modern myth". First we discuss the symptoms associated with the collective neuroses that plagues our secular scientific age before moving on to a discussion of the core factors of myth that we must consider as we are confronted with the need to establish a new mythos for ourselves. As part of this we'll be looking at a case study on the symbolism of UFOs and the question of extraterrestrial intelligence.

This episode is part of a larger series that delves into the contents of my new publication - "Psychology: the Science of the Soul", which is available exclusively at my estore. Thanks for tuning in and God Bless: - Alex

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Special shout out to the Manly P. Hall Society's YouTube channel for uploading the MPH lecture that I reference in this video.

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