Toddler is already a trick shot master!

mycoolPublished: April 23, 2017Updated: April 24, 20178,079 views
Published: April 23, 2017Updated: April 24, 2017

Have we found ourselves the next professional basketball sensation? Only time will tell because this little guy is younger than most bottles of wine! Eddie is not even two years old and already loves basketball. It doesn't matter where his hoop is, he can drain the shot! Looks like Steph Curry has some competition!

For a child this young, it's amazing how good he is at shooting the ball! Who knows if basketball will be in his future, but the important thing is that he is having fun with it. Everyone has their talents, and some people take longer than others to find their own. As far as we know, basketball is one of the many talents Eddie possess at his age!

Check out this future all star before he has even touched a real court!

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