Former Police Officer Reveals Staggering Number Of SIDS Cases Happen Within 1 Week Of A Vaccine!

9 months ago

Steve Kirsch writes:

"In a town of 300,000 people, two police detectives assigned to investigate SIDS found that 75% of the SIDS cases happened within 48 hours of a vaccine. This was from cases over a 7 year period so around 500 cases total. To this day, they are afraid of retribution if they talk about it publicly (neither work there anymore). When they brought this up to their superiors, they were told not to say anything about it to anyone. Ben is sending me the video of one of the police officers saying this. He knows her, and she is a police officer, and there is no reason she would lie about this. She also spoke about this in 2019 in an early video posted to Ben's telegram channel."

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