Dad discovers hilarious way to feed daughter

Published April 22, 2017 5,070 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsGetting your young child to eat can get pretty difficult sometimes. Whether it is their preference to the food, or just being distracted. Well this father has found a surefire way to ensure that his daughter will eat her food whenever he wants her to. Watch as he hilariously gets his daughter to take bites of some of her meal!

He's a wizard. That's the only explanation. Or has he just taken advantage of Netflix? To get his daughter to eat her food all he has to do is press 'X'. How amazing is that? We all put our kids in front of the TV to let them watch their favorite shows. He found out that in order to get his daughter to eat, he has to pause the show. Genius!

Have you got any other interesting ways to ensure that your child eats their food? Leave a comment and upload a video of the plan of action that you take to do so at!

Check out how this dad has learned to get his daughter to eat. All you have to do is press 'X'!


  • bluedaisy, 1 year ago

    just leave it off . she eats when its off. duh!

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