Joe Goes on Vacation Again Before Going To Hawaii

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6 months ago

Joe never went to OH with the train derailment. But Joe will go to Maui. You in Maui will get a check for $700 but Ukraine will get $24B. Joe is going to go on vacation first.
Disaster! Biden appears to forget the name of devastated Maui as he breaks silence on firestorm which has left at least 106 dead - after being slammed for refusal to comment on tragedy and jetting off on vacation. Biden says he and Jill will visit Hawaii “as soon as we can” but doesn’t want to get in the way of recovery efforts as the death toll nears 100.
Christie pulls ahead of DeSantis in the New Hampshire GOP primary poll.
Brian Kemp: “This legislative session, we’re going to work with the General Assembly to: Reduce insurance premiums for hardworking Georigans and their families. Level the playing field in our courtrooms. Help create good-paying jobs across the entire state. Is that code word to sell out the state to China?
Trump indictment forces a GOP reckoning in 2020.
Republicans control the legislative and executive branches in GA. They could stop this abomination instantly if they wished. Just like they could have verified ballot signatures if they wished. Trump, Giuliani, Meadows among 19 indicted in GA 2020 election racketeering case. Trump says Witch Hunt continues.
The RICO charges were so she can charge everyone at the same time. It will cost a fortune to try this case.

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