Vaccine Toxins in the Unvaxxed, Simple Solutions, Advanced Strategies

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In today’s Cleanse Heal Ignite episode with Dr Diane Kazer, Warrior Wednesdays to help you become your own best defender! Prepare to be INpowere’ed and INspired.

We’re going to talk about the easiest, fastest, cheapest things you can do at home to boost your immunity, detox and support your hormones, brain and gut health. And WHY considering recent headline news:

1. Top 5 EASY things you can do at home NOW to protect yourself from chemtrail toxins, bioengineered parasites, and fungus/molds that are killing humans, animals and forests.
2. ‘Covid Vaccine’ Toxins beyond the shots - the Blood of the Unvaxxed is poisoned too (How, Why & How not?)
3. Up Next: Vaccines through mosquitos?
4. Advanced Strategies: The CORE 4 Supplements that EVERY human needs to consider for optimal health.
5. The 4 M’s that create disease and Simple tools to assess and reduce your exposure.
6. This world is so toxic, can we ever truly heal? And other Questions from my Transformation Tribe you’ll learn a lot from like: “Can we REALLY ever maintain “health” since we have no way of knowing what’s IN our foods ?”

We will specifically focus on the most urgent and imperative action steps Dr Kazer advises ALL Americans and all humans to work on a Total Body Transformation approach to Cleanse your Body, Heal the Root Cause and Ignite your Sovereignty from symptoms, sickness and suffering.

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