3 months ago

John Pelletier hit the news just a few months after being appointed Chief of Police in Maui and not for good reasons…

The destruction of Maui would have been planned years ago, if you’re going to pull off an attack of this nature, you need to make sure the Chief of Police is in on the plan.

His first assignment being to get rid of as many decent, long standing police officers as possible, to be replaced with crooked lackeys.

We have heard from Maui residents all the strange actions and irregularities in dealing with the fires, this is not incompetency, it’s execution of a meticulously planned attack.

John Pelletier graduated from the FBI National Academy, attending FBINA 276 and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

He is the first non-Hawaiian to lead the police force.

He was appointed Chief of Police in November 2021.

One of the key points he addressed during his appointment was to ensure everybody in Hawaii felt "they have equal protection under the law," addressing the various issues stemming from racial, ethnic, and cultural reasons.
"Our diversity is our strength, make no mistake about that." he remark

Can you recognise the WEF’s type of rhetoric?

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