Lioness Pride- “Gods, Giants, and Legends.”

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In lieu of Maui fires in current event Nicolette dives deep into historical events, geology and the Polynesian mythology for some context.
Does history repeat itself?
Join Nicolette today as she covers giants and speculations they were once here on earth.
Lioness Pride
Hosted by Nicolette
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Why did I name the show Lioness Pride?
We’re all sick of the word pride, I get it. Over the last few years patriots everywhere have been asking what more they could do, federally, locally, to make a difference.
Particularly the mothers have rose to the occasion to protect our children.
That’s where Lioness Pride comes in. We’re taking the word pride back to give our moms support accross the nation. Lionesses are the ultimate caregivers and protectors and work in well, “prides.”
It’s time we support each other and create a network of helpful reasources. Empowering both women and men to rise to the occasion to make a difference.
Embracing the natural gifts we all have in protecting our own.
Will answer the calling to join the Pride?

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