Most Dramatic Baby Gender Reveal

Published April 20, 2017 7,988 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsHave you ever seen the reaction of a group of brothers to know if the new brother is going to be a boy or a girl? It is very likely that you are delighted after watching this video! Brothers always compete with each other to discover who the best son is, this often makes children want a new brother to accompany them and support their adventures, but in this case it seems that everything is out of control. All the brothers react unexpectedly and dramatically after knowing that their new baby will be a girl. This kid knows how to do drama!

The parents of three children decide to confess to their children what the gender of the new family member will be, so they keep the answer inside a box, where the color of the balloons will indicate the correct answer. The children, knowing that the answer is inside the box, immediately run quickly to open it, to know if the new family member will be a boy or a girl. After opening the box and knowing the result, the two girls react impressed and very excited, while the boy is completely disappointed and upset, so he starts doing drama, it seems that this boy will have to settle for having the three sisters. Looks like someone was waiting for a little brother!

The arrival of a new family member can represent a significant change for everyone, although in the end, we all like to have someone else with whom to share, talk and play, regardless of gender. Children always feel very satisfied knowing that they will have a same-sex brother, since the level of confidence they could develop could be very high, since siblings almost always become best friends and trust everything. Confidence between siblings is essential!

It is often very difficult for many parents to tell their children that there will be a new family member, especially when there is a gender duel between siblings, as some always want to excel more than others. Fortunately, these parents managed to find a fun and interesting way to confess to their children that they will have a new brother and, at the same time, will know what their gender will be, simply by having them open a box full of balloons. Although many parents manage to find the right way to share the news, sometimes they do not, but in this case, this family managed to confess to the children the news in a clear and very fun. These parents have a lot of creativity!

Experts say that it is very important that parents dedicate themselves to strengthening relationships between their children, so that there is no rivalry between them, so that they can live in complete harmony and trust. Although this boy acts dramatically knowing that the new family member will be a girl, he will surely understand that he can share and play with all his sisters, regardless of whether he is a boy. This is a very fun and dramatic moment!

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