Baby Becomes Instant Grandpa

AFVPublished: April 20, 2017189,187 views
Published: April 20, 2017

Babies are amazing! So tiny and chubby, you can't help but love them. Even though they are so young and ignorant of the world, babies do seem to have a certain understanding when it come to getting things from their parents. They make sounds and faces that entertain their elders, often with the intent to get something in return, whether it's food or just mommy's attention.
This adorable little baby has got all this figured out and at his age! He's got an amazing talent for making the funniest faces and his parent's uncontrollable laughter is proof that he's got the makings to be a great comedian! And even though dad warns him that his face might stick like that, baby loves the attention and the spotlight.
Can you resist his hilarious grandpa impression? Share if you burst out laughing, like we did!

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