Circular Metal Pieces Around Jean Pockets Actually Have An Important Purpose

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Published: April 20, 2017

There are many items in life that seem to have no meaning or any important use, but in fact they actually do. According to a recent report by the Independent, the tiny circular metal pieces around jean pockets and other areas actually serve a purpose. Jeans are a very popular item and most of us have probably wondered why there are these weird looking metal pieces around different areas of the jean. They aren't buttons and they aren't only for decoration either.

These circular metal pieces are actually called rivets and are used to make the areas of the jeans that move the most more durable. According to labourers, the pants would wear out very quickly on them, so a tailor came up with a solution for this problem. He noticed that the rivets would hold onto the material around the pocket corners and fly, making them more durable. With the rivets, it was much easier for the material to stay together. 1873 was the true year that marked the birth of blue jeans, cool!

Check out this video to learn interesting facts about the rivets on your jeans! Awesome!

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